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Tac Con 3mr for Sale

September 06, 2022 1 min read

Tac Con 3mr for sale

The Tac Con 3mr is for sale. as of recently a massive amount of tac con 3mr's have hit the market. The tac con 3mr wasn't the most popular trigger when it was released in 2014 but has made a massive comeback in recent times. 

The tac con 3mr is 3 stage ar15 trigger system that has been improved and placed back on the market. The tac con 3mr's third position sets the trigger back in position as fast as you can pull

The 3MR is an adjustable fire control system with three modes: safe, semi-automatic, and third mode. In semi-auto, you get a clean, non-adjustable 4½ pound trigger pull. Tac-Con‘s patented third mode has a spring-loaded positive reset which transfers force through the trigger assembly to the bolt carrier, allowing the trigger to reset itself without assistance. This gives you a four-and-a-half-pound trigger pull with an extremely quick, snappy, and positively resetting action.

The selector switch, in the provided 3-position, rotates to the "third" position. In standard semi-auto mode, the trigger feels like a single-stage trigger. There is more over travel than in a Timney, but it is not bad. The break is crisp with no stacking or creep.

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