1/2x28 3 Lug Flash Hider & QD Suppressor Mount

Ditch direct thread and upgrade to a durable and reliable 3 lug QD suppressor mounting system

Fits the industry standard HUB (1.375x24) thread pitch as well as 1-3/16x24 TPI when using the included adapter ring.

High quality construction: A stainless steel muzzle brake and the 7075 type III hard anodized 3 lug adapter with stainless steel internals allows shooters to feel confident in their QD system's reliability.

Muzzle brake inner diameter: 11.5mm

Weight: 8oz

Muzzle brake thread pitch: 1/2x28

1-3/16x24 TPI adapter ring
3 Lug adapter
1/2x28 muzzle brake

Fits models from the following brands and models (check thread pitch of specific model with manufacturer):
Bravo ASR Mount (AC824)

Dead Air KeyMo

Griffin Armament Plan-A

Q LLC Plan B


Area 419

Energetic Armament

YHM Phantom QD Adapter


Super Precision Concepts

Enfield Rifle Company

Rex Silentium

JK Armament

Ronin Factory

JMAC Customs

Aklys Defense

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