Nitride Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group

  • 8620 Carrier - Nitride
  • 9310 Bolt - Nitride
  • Shot Peened
  • MP Inspected
  • 4140 Gas Key - Nitride
  • 4140 MIM extractor
  • Gas Key Properly Staked
Proudly made in the USA! AIM AR/M16 5.56/.223/.300 BLACKOUT caliber complete Black Nitrided Bolt Carrier Groups. A newly designed carrier reduces the surface area contact between the carrier and receiver walls. This improves performance and reliability as it reduces drag and creates 'debris' channels to reduce malfunctions. These bolts are manufactured to our exacting standards with no Frills added to be able to offer the best BCG at the Best Price! Features; Shot peened, MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected), 9310 Tool Steel Bolt; 8620 M16 carrier, Properly staked 4140 Gas Key fastened with Hardened Grade 8 Fasteners. Extractor includes crane o-ring.
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