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Tac Con 3MR AR 15 Trigger

Keep your loved ones and property safer with just one upgrade

✔️Tac Con 3MR Third Mode

✔️The Newest and Best version of the Tac Con 3MR

✔️True Tactical Improvement

✔️Unmatched Control 

✔️Positive Displacement for near-instant Trigger reset

✔️Precursor to the FRT-15WOTAlamoPara 15, and others! 


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Tac con in action

Why Choose the Tac con 3mr

The performance of this trigger improves the more it's used. It has mating surfaces and its black oxide finish is somewhat coarse, so the application of oil over time can smooth things out. There's also a learning curve associated with the Tac-Con 3MR due to its secondary sear. This feature ensures the trigger's legality and prevents any unexpected ATF interventions in the middle of the night

No, the technology is completely different

This Video will answer that but for time saving purposes: Yes and No

The ATF has approved the Tac Con 3MR with a Compliance Letter that is still valid as of today

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