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Kono | AK Hard Reset Trigger |

The Kono, a limited-edition masterpiece limited to an exclusive run of just 100 units. Part of our esteemed Hard Reset Trigger collection with a completely different mechanism from the Para 15, this AK trigger represents the pinnacle of more than 6 months of meticulous research and unparalleled craftsmanship. Each unit is engraved with a number 0-99 based on the order in which they've been purchased.  We recommend a gunsmith install the trigger. 

✔️Never Done nor Seen Before Hard Reset Technology 

✔️Compatible with all AK receivers on the market 

✔️EDC wire cut for precision 

✔️Adjustable Take and Pull Weight 

✔️Plug-n-Play Install

✔️Made in the USA 

Special Note:

All units are slated for shipment on December 7th. Once this limited collection of 100 units is sold out, no further production will take place until the subsequent year. The Kono won't be unveiled until the 7th.

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